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Group Classes


Constantly varied functional movements performed at high-intensity in a group of 12 new best friends! All coaches certified in CrossFit training.

Foundation of CrossFit

New to CrossFit movements? Our foundations class provides an intense workout with a slower breakdown of the functional CrossFit basics in a group environment.

RISE Sweat

High intensity interval training at it’s best and ZERO experience required. Your coach will lead you through each fast based movement and modify anything you need!

Recovery Yoga Flow

Active recovery is key to optimizing your performance, keeping blood flowing and helping muscles recover and rebuild from intense workouts. RISE yoga is a Vinyasa-style flow class with creative movements seamlessly integrated with the breath. 

Yoga Bootcamp

This fast-paced 45 minute yoga bootcamp is the best of both strength training and yoga! Our Coaches will guide you & 12 friends through a vinyasa flow on fire by adding quick movements, weights and more to get your heart pumping and tone your body!

RISE Happy Hour

A little strongman, a little CrossFit, a little HIIT & a little yoga, this fun Friday class is followed by a community happy hour at our in house bar.

Group classes provide expert coaching in a community based environment to add fun & accountability to your fitness goals!

Personal Training


Train around your schedule, with a customized plan for your body & goals.

You’re Number 1!

A private certified personal trainer that is dedicated & focused on your success.


Your trainer will bring the energy when you don’t feel like it, providing one on one support & guidance for your goals!

Quicker Results

Personal training helps you reach your goals faster, through a customized workout plan just for you! Personal training is perfect for any lifestyle or injury. We have Certified Personal Trainers for pregnancy/post-partum, sports performance, weight-loss & more!


Everyone starts out with a one on one meeting with our team to help determine the best program for your goals!

Nutrition Coaching

Put your goals on the fast track by changing your habits outside of the gym with our Certified Nutritionists.

Customized Plan

Our Certified Nutritionists will customize a eating plan based upon your lifestyle, that is easy to follow and track in today’s fast-paced world.


Your Nutritionist will provide regular checkins to monitor your progress and answer any questions.

Measured Feedback

Your Nutritionist will make regular adjustments through your personal feedback and progress. Every body is different and must be treated personally.


Measured results can be seen in the mirror as early as 6 weeks of consistent program application. Stay dedicated and follow your plan!

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