Variety and Effectiveness of CrossFit Exercises

A young and rapidly growing sport, CrossFit has proven itself and attracts a huge number of athletes to its gyms every day. Each of the workouts is completely unpredictable for the reason that the sets of drilling are constantly changing and rarely repeated due to an extensive supply of techniques taken from various sports disciplines. This approach allows you to achieve the fastest possible fat burning and muscle strengthening at a high intensity of execution.

Many people watching the excellent body shape of cross-fitters themselves want to play this sport, but do not quite understand what exactly awaits them in training. Let’s find out together how CrossFit workouts work and which movements are the most popular and useful.

Workout Routine

Any workout for all sports begins naturally with a warm-up. CrossFit is no exception. The warm-up in CrossFit is high-intensity and is aimed at bringing the whole body into tone. The warm-up lasts about half an hour and in itself could be a full-fledged workout, but not in this technique. For a warm-up, mainly exercises with their own weight, running and elements of gymnastics and yoga are used.
After the warm-up, the main part of the workout begins, which is aimed at working out individual threw groups by working with shells and special equipment. The basic exercises are mostly borrowed from weightlifting, kettlebell lifting, and martial arts.
The final part of the workout is a hitch, which is aimed at consolidating the result and pumping up the muscles. Mostly high-rep training with bodyweight are used, such as push-ups, jumping rope, or twists.

The main features are high intensity and the practical absence of rest between sets. Many people may feel weak and dizzy at the beginning of training, but after a couple of weeks of such training, the body adapts and you will be better able to cope with the rhythm of training that is already familiar to you.

The Main Methods of the CrossFit System

All exertions of the CrossFit program can be divided into two categories: work with bodyweight and work with weights. Let’s look at the most popular ones.

Bodyweight exercises:

  • Running
  • Burpee – the hallmark of the system, is a complicated push-up with a jump up
  • Squats – can be performed on two legs, or on one
  • jump rope
  • Gymnastic rings
  • Pull-ups
  • Walking on hands – helps develop coordination and balance
  • Jumping on the pedestal
  • Lifting the body on the press
  • Yoga
  • Weight training exercises:
  • Boom lift
  • Barbell put
  • Lifting weights
  • The sandbag exercise is a popular exercise that develops not only muscle strength and endurance but also improves coordination.
  • Farmer’s walk – walking while holding weights in the hands
  • Tire flip is another CrossFit calling card

Choose From a Huge Diversity of Exercises!

Thanks to the CrossFit system, you have the opportunity to make your training program rich and varied. Find the drilling that is suitable for you!

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